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Office Evolution

Co-working space is the perfect solution for travel bloggers who need office space

There are many different types of people and businesses that can find real benefit in the use of a shared office space. Indeed, whether you are a young entrepreneur or a traveling salesperson, there are many benefits to using a shared office space. One industry that you might not immediately consider as one who could make use of a shared office space but that fits in nicely when it comes to finding a non traditional work space is that of the travel blogger and journalist. Imagine being on the road for weeks at a time, moving from place to place trying to capture a story and writing about the places you go throughout the course of that narrative. Where are you doing your work? Are you cooped up in a dreary motel most of the time, or are able to really dig into your work by using a high quality office space to do it in? The reality is that the travel blogging industry is one that can be fairly uncertain, and making that world more stable and certain can do a lot for the people working in it. It is why it can be so important for people to find a high quality shared office space to work with and why the team at Office Evolution Greenwood Village is the perfect place to turn to. As with many new coworking spaces, the Office Evolution group has shared office spaces across the country, making it easy to find a space wherever you may be traveling to. This creates new opportunities and ways for travel writers and bloggers to hone their craft and write their stories without worrying about where they will call home base. Here are a few benefits of co-working spaces for this industry in particular:

  • Home base: A coworking space can be home base for people from many different, but for people who are constantly traveling and on the move, this ability to have a space that can truly be a home base can make a big difference. After all, having a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease is key to producing your best work. Coworking spaces, particularly those that offer membership style partnerships so that you can follow your work around the country, are great options for creating this home away from home and offering a great place to return to when you do return home. This stability can work wonders for people in industries that are inherently unstable.
  • Meeting rooms and spaces: If you are tired of meeting up with interviews in noisy coffee shops, then finding a coworking space to depend on can be a great way to find the space you need to really get the best story. Plus, an interview wary of meeting a stranger in an unknown place will feel more confident walking into an office building full of busy people working. The atmosphere is much more calming.

Find a coworking space that will suit your needs. If you are a travel blogger, this could be the solution to the travel writer woes!

Harness your possibilities with a shared office space.

Being young is full of possibilities. There are some really great ways to get out there and start your own business. In fact, lots of young people are considering doing this because of the state of the economy. There aren't the jobs available that there used to be. It's a shame in some ways but in others there are some really great small local businesses that shared office spaceare popping up around the place. While it might seem pretty dark for the younger generations trying to establish themselves professionally, I challenge people in that generation to consider other more creative options that will bring them the stability and secure that their mommies are so keen on seeing them attain while also being able to match themselves to the resources that are around them. That is why so many people, not just Millennials, are so stoked on the new concept of Office Evolution.

You looking for an office space that you can totally and completely afford? Then you should look no further than the amazing Office Evolution Chicago. They are ac ompany that is committed to making sure you get all of your needs met by giving you an office space, receptionist, physical address, complimentary coffee and tea and so much more. And it’s all totally affordable. Their executive suites are totally affordable at just five hundred dollars a month. How cool is that? What a deal. You can't find any other coworking space that will be great for other than Office Evolution Chicago. This information was pulled directly from their website,

"Executive Suites. Get your own fully-furnished office with your own phone number, all at a prestigious address that will impress your clients. You even have access to conference rooms for meetings, and a friendly receptionist to greet your guests in the office lobby.

"Virtual Offices. Is the cost of a physical office really worth it? We can give you all of the perks of a professional appearance and collaborative work environment that will help grow your business — without the lease or paid staff. Like working from home... but better!

"Pay-per-use. Whether you’re working in a group or holding a meeting with potential investors, our professional meeting rooms have everything you’ll need! Plus, only pay for the room when you use it. Just schedule your visit, show up, and you’re on your way when you’re done.”

As you can see on their website, they have many different options that are amazing for you and your business growth. Things are really going to go well for you and your company when you think outside of the box. They have many different suite options for you. In fact, they even have a receptionist that will be able to answer the phones for you, give you messages and help you manage your time in a way that will truly help your business thrive.  So don't waste another moment and call Office Evolution Chicago. Be sure to ask them about their shared office space as well as their virtual office. You won't be upset you did.