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Office Evolution

Secure Office Space is important no matter where you work

If you work in the world of technology, then you are already familiar with these two well known truths: security is everything, and you can work from anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection. People in the tech world do not need a lot of bells and whistles when it comes to doing their job well. They need their computer, the details of their assignment, and the time and space to do their work on their own. Almost every modern company has some sort of technology role involved with it, because almost everyone uses computers in some sort of capacity at their jobs.  Whether they are an internet company that relies heavily on the use of programmers and online marketers, or a construction contractor that provides quotes online and orders supplies online, it would an extreme challenge to find someone that does not utilize the internet in some way shape or form in the daily operations of their business. That is why security is everything in the world of technology. A company has to protect their ideas and their clients’ information such as their orders and billing information.

With modern technology moving at the pace that it has the last few years; most of this security is done on the internet itself. It is no longer about locking doors and setting security systems; it is about the protection of information that is online. Fortunately, many people that work in technology already understand this and are able to put the proper systems in place to protect themselves and their employers. This is especially important now because more and more people are working remotely instead of coming into a central office space every day to do their job.  At first, the idea of employees that work from a virtual office and do not commute into an office every day worried some employers. After all, how would they protect their company’s information if the information is housed on computers that are not in the physical office? Now that the internet has become an assumed part of the daily operations of any modern company, these fears have been assuaged. Encryption systems and securing online client information is constantly evolving and making information that is stored online safer than ever before. So whether an employee is logged into the company system at home or in the office space, they can be sure that the information they are accessing is safe and secure.

Many co-working spaces also offer additional security measures for people that prefer to work remotely. They can now offer secure internet lines and additional security packages that can add an extra layer of protection on the employee and the company information.  In today’s modern society, using the internet seems almost unavoidable, but that does not have to be a bad thing. Keeping your company’s information and your employee’s work safe from prying eyes is now easier to do, even if that particular employee does not come into the office every day to do their work.

Shared office spaces save employers money

If you live or work in an urban area, then chances are good that you have seen signs for a location for a shared office space near you. These shared office spaces are places where people can come together and work for their respective employers in a shared office. These offices have work space that can be rented out in the short term with no commitment, and they allow people more flexibility when it comes to choosing which companies they want to work for. Now, they are no longer limited to applying for positions that are in their immediate area or being forced to relocate for that perfect job that they want. Now, they can have their perfect job and do all of their work remotely by renting out space in a shared office space.

A shared office space, or co-working space, is an area that allows people from different industries or companies to work under the same roof. The space itself provides everything a person needs to come in and sit down and immediate get started working. All they need is themselves and their computer. Many co-working spaces even offer conference rooms and remote conferencing services so that an employee can join in on team meetings and also have clients come to them in their own office space.

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed by companies that allow their employees the freedom to work away from the office, but two of the biggest benefits for the employers are the affordability that is offered by many shared office spaces.

A desk space in a shared office setting can be rented out on a short term basis if needed. The minimum periods of time that are required by shared office spaces are typically much shorter than they would be if the employer was looking to rent out a whole office. Office Evolution in Denver quotes that most office buildings require a 3 to 5 year lease on many office spaces. Also, any additional requests that are made by the employer will only serve to increase the cost of the monthly rent. For example, if the employer would like build out a conference room inside the office, or create a private office for a manager, all of this must be done by vendors that are approved by the office building management and will increase the costs. Even the building out of basic cubicles can add up to an extra $10,000 fee.

In addition to saving money the acquiring a larger office space to house all their employees, they also have to consider all of the minor costs that they will accrue every month. For example, they have to also pay the internet and phone bills, the electricity, the security system fees. They also have to keep up on the existing technology that they have in the office. All of these fees can be saved or at least reduced by utilizing the benefits offered through shared office spaces where most of these things are included.